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At Deebo's Decals, we specialise in vinyl stickers and decal products. Our hand-crafted stickers and decals are works of art. We only use the best-grade imported PVC vinyl to bring you quality vinyl stickers and decal products.

All our products are made here in
South Africa, and sometimes even during loadshedding conditions.

We all are passionate about something. It could be your new ride, old laptop, skateboard, or pet. Express yourself with our trendy, high-quality vinyl stickers and decal products.

Whether for indoor or outdoor usage, we have got you covered. Our premium vinyl can withstand the elements for up to five years.

The difference between a sticker and a decal:

Stickers and decals are both
adhesive labels used for various purposes, but there are subtle differences between the two:

Design and Purpose:

Stickers: Often used for decorative or promotional purposes. They can have a variety of designs, including images, text, and graphics.

Stickers are commonly used for personal expression, branding, or as product labels.

Decals: Typically used for identification or informational purposes. Decals often have a more specific purpose, such as displaying warning signs and safety information or indicating membership in a group or organisation.

Material and Construction:

Stickers: Generally made from paper, vinyl, or other materials with adhesive backing. They are usually designed for short-term use and may not withstand outdoor conditions for an extended period.

Decals: Often made from more durable materials, such as vinyl or polyester, which makes them suitable for outdoor use.

Decals are often more robust and resistant to environmental factors like sunlight, water, and temperature variations.

Application Surface:

Stickers: These can be applied to various surfaces, including laptops, notebooks, and indoor items. They may be less durable on outdoor surfaces over time.

Decals: Designed for various surfaces, including vehicles, windows, and outdoor equipment. They are intended for more extended use and exposure to different weather conditions.


Stickers are generally easy to remove without leaving residue, especially if made from paper or low-tack adhesive materials.

Decals: While removable, they may adhere more strongly to surfaces, and some may require more effort to remove. They are often intended for more semi-permanent to permanent applications.

In summary, while "sticker" and "decal" are often used interchangeably, the key differences lie in their design, materials, intended use, and durability.

Stickers are versatile and often used for personal expression. At the same time, decals are more purpose-driven and designed for longer-lasting applications.

We offer the following services in vinyl stickers and decal products:

Hazard and Sign Boards
Indoor and Outdoor Signs

  • Vinyl stickers: novelty stickers, gift stickers, car and bike stickers, etc.

  • Vinyl stickers: for arts and crafts, hobby enthusiasts (send us your requirements).

  • Vinyl decals: wall art, signage for shop windows, hazard signs, vehicle branding, etc.

  • Vinyl lettering: advertising boards, estate agent boards, etc.

  • Custom design: stickers or decals you have in mind; send us a sample and size, and we will quote you.

  • Design from scratch: we will design your dream design by using our graphic design experience.

Don't hesitate to
get in touch with us for any custom work.

Whether you're an individual looking to decorate your belongings with unique stickers or a business aiming to enhance brand visibility, these sticky wonders provide an easy and visually appealing solution. 

Deebo's Decals, quality craftsmanship and a commitment to local production create a unique space where every sticker and decal tells a story. 

Explore the
gallery, release your creativity, and let stickers and decals become the brushstrokes of your personal and brand story.


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