Special Offers for Small Businesses

Get a Professional 5 Page Website for your small business today!

We are all for small businesses. It is hard enough to get your voice heard in these tough times. Especially with all the big brands taking over the market.

That is why we are dedicated to help you grow your small business through graphic design and web development.

For a small business, a 5 page website is ample to showcase your products and/or services to your potential market, without breaking the bank.

We currently have a website design offer for R1999.00.

The 5-page website consists of the following pages:

  • A home page
  • An about page
  • A products or services page
  • A gallery or testimonials page
  • A contact page

Include in the offer we:

  • Do basic SEO
  • 2 Layouts to choose from
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Mailbox setup
  • Basic contact form
  • Affordable updates

Get a profesionally designed logo for your small business today!

Are you are thinking of starting up a small business of your own, but don’t have a logo yet?

Don’t worry, we are here to help. We design professional logos that will project your image to the world, whether online or offline.

Your logo is the single most important connection between you and your potential audience. That is why it is of the utmost importance that it looks professional and authentic.

We currently have a logo design special offer for R900.00.

 The logo design special offer consists of:

  • 3 logo designs to choose from
  • Tweaked to perfection (font, colours, etc.)
  • A hign resolution printable PDF and vector file

 Take advantage of this offer today!

What do I get in the Web Design Special Offer?

You will get a home page, about page, a products or services page, a testimonial or gallery page and a contact page.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the behind the scenes coding on your website that tells search engines what to look for in order to get your site ranked. The better the SEO, the better your chances are on ranking high on search engines like Google and the like.

What other costs are involved in the Web Design Special Offer?

The special offer excludes the following: URL registration and hosting. These are very affordable and I can guide you to service providers that offer very affordable rates. The URL is the domain that you choose for your business etc: www.myplumbingcompany.co.za. It has to be renewed yearly if you want to keep your business online. The hosting is a monthly cost, not unlike a cellphone contract.

What would you need for the website to be completed?

We will need your logo. If you do not have one yet, we can assist. We will also need detailed content of your business, in the form of an MS Word document. The more you can describe your business, the better.

How wil I see the progess of my website without meetings?

We will open you a temporary URL where you will be able to monitor the progress of your website, once the layout has been approved. You will be able to see the progress in real-time, without having endless meetings.

How do I pay for the Web Design Special Offer?

A 50% payment deposit is required, once layout is approved. The balance is payable on completion. The website hosting and URL registration is not handled by us. These fees will be debited from your bank account once the website is live. The URL is payable yearly and the hosting is payable monthly.

Distinguish your Brand with our Special Offers for Small Businesses.

Distinguish your Brand and make it stand out from your competition. Trust us to help you excel your small business to the next level!

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We are here to help all start-up and small businesses. That is why we are offering Special Offers on Web Design and Logo Design services. Take advantage of these offers today to boost your business and get your Brand out there!